New Zealanders rescue King of Greece

The relevant video starts 30 seconds in.

Lieutenant W.H. Ryan, 18th Battalion, describes his platoon's role in escorting King George II of Greece over the mountains to the south coast of Crete following the German invasion, 20 May 1941. After a three-day trek over the mountains from Canea to Ay Roumeli, the Royal party and Lieutenant Ryan's men were evacuated safely to Egypt by British destroyers.

Read a full account of the escape of the King of Greece here (Dan Davin, Crete – NZETC website).

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Gerald Bruce

Posted: 24 Apr 2019

My maternal grandfather; Sargeant Winton Hopkinson of the Medics Corp was one of those men who rescued the King of Greece

Rhett Sanders

Posted: 14 Nov 2011

Hi my grandfather was one of the 12 New Zealanders that escorted the King of Greece. Do you have any other info about this? Possibly pictures? Thanks, Rhett Sanders