Ōpōtiki, 27–28 May 1840

Nga Wahi

27-28 May 1840Sheet 6 — The Bay of Plenty (Fedarb) Sheet

The Bay of Plenty (Fedarb) treaty sheet was signed by seven Whakatōhea rangatira (chiefs) at Ōpōtiki on 27 and 28 May 1840. Six signed on the 27th and Whākia did so on the 28th. [1]

The trader James W. Fedarb, the trading master of the schooner Mercury, was responsible for taking this treaty sheet around the Bay of Plenty and held the signing at Ōpōtiki. Papahia and Wiremu Maihi (Ngakuku) [2] witnessed the signatures. [3]

  A cross was drawn next to the names of the Catholic rangatira Rangimātānuku, Rangihaerepō and Tauātoro. Fedarb wrote on the sheet:

The chiefs at Opotiki expressed a wish to have it signified who were Pikopos (i.e. Roman Catholics) and who were not, which I did by placing a crucifix † preceding the names of those who are, as above, and at which they seemed perfectly satisfied. [4] 

The following month they would welcome Bishop Pompallier to Ōpōtiki. He celebrated the first Catholic mass in Ōpōtiki in a small raupō (reed or bulrush) church. [5]

The signatories were Tauātoro [6], Takahi [7], Āporotanga, Rangimātānuku, Rangihaerepō, Ake and Whākia. 

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Signature Numbersort descending Signed as Probable Name Tribe Hapū
1 Tautoru Tauātoru Te Whakatōhea Ngāi Tamahaua, Ngāti Ngahere
2 Takahi Te Takahiao Te Whakatōhea Te Ūpokorehe
3 Aporotanga Te Āporotanga Te Whakatōhea Ngāti Rua
4 Rangimatanuku Rangimātānuku Te Whakatōhea Ngāti Rua
5 Rangihaerepo Rangihaerepō Te Whakatōhea Te Ūpokorehe, Ngāi Tamahaua
6 Ake Wī Akeake Te Whakatōhea Te Ūpokorehe
7 Wakiia Wakiia Te Whakatōhea

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