Nga Tohu

In 1840 more than 500 chiefs signed the Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand’s founding document. Ngā Tohu, when complete, will contain a biographical sketch of each signatory.

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Kate aka Keita Hudson

Posted: 22 Feb 2022

My mother Margaret McCormack nee Moke Te Urupiua Te Ani) as the next direct descendant of Ake Ake, was invited to a reception to be given at the Whare Runanga by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburg at 12.45pm on Tuesday 6 February 1990. Unfortunately my mother fell ill and passed away at Te Tii marae 1st February. A Kauri tree was presented to the whanau by the Ngapuhi Tribe, which is growing at Maromahue Marae Waiotahe. The Mataatua Waka crew also presented a Kauri tree in memorial of her passing, unfortunately this one did not survive. Whanau were constantly calling into the marae to pay their respects as they headed home after the Waitangi Celebrations over a period of 2 weeks,

Kym Hudson

Posted: 14 Feb 2022

Wi Ake Ake had 6 children
form eldest to youngest

1 TAHAROA{princess}. died as a baby. left no children

2 ERANA Had 5 Children

3 HOANI [ hone] No children


5 HENARE. Died young. No children

6 KOPA. 1 child

Kym Hudson and Dwaine Taitapanui

Posted: 12 Jan 2022

Wi Ake Ake is our Great great great great grandfather. We are direct descendants from him. We come from his eldest child Erana Ake Ake Kotu.

Wi Ake Ake ----- Paroha Toheriri

Erana AkeAke ----- Hapeta Kotu
Te Ani Kotu -------- Pakawe Titia
Wi Te Ani. ------- Keita Collier
Moke McComack { Te Ani] ---- William McCormack
Keita Hudson { McCormack] --- Edward Hudson
Kym Hudson. ------------------- Dwaine Taitapanui

that is my direct whakapapa.

My Husband is.

Wi Ake Ake ------- Paroha
Erana Ake Ake ----- Hapeta Kotu
Te Ani Kotu. ------- Pakawe
Mira Taitapanui [Te Ani] ----- Tiopira Taitapanui
Whakatane Taitapanui------- Purukamu Meihana
Albert Taitapanui. --------- Margaret Taitapanui [ McCleely
Raymond Taitapanui -------- Jocelyn Taitapanui [Dale]
Dwaine Taitapanui. -------- Kym Hudson