Nga Wahi

25 May 1840Sheet 2 — The Manukau-Kāwhia Sheet

On 25 May 1840 a further signature was added to the Manukau-Kāwhia treaty sheet. According to Apirana Ngata, this was Hōrī Te Waru from the Ngāti Te Apakura hapū (subtribe) of Waikato.

No witness is recorded next to this signature, but it can be assumed that the Wesleyan (Methodist) missionaries James Wallis and John Whiteley obtained it. Whiteley had been instructed by W.C. Symonds, a recently appointed police magistrate, to seek signatures to the treaty from ‘as far to the southward as possible among the Ngatimaniapoto’. Symonds knew that the Anglican missionary Robert Maunsell had gained signatures from the rest of the region at Waikato Heads. [1]

[1] Symonds to Whiteley, quoted in R.S. Bennett, Treaty to treaty: a history of early New Zealand from the Treaty of Tordesillas 1494 to the Treaty of Waitangi 1840, vol. 3, R.S. Bennett, Auckland, 2012, p. 282


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