Waikato, late March or early April 1840?

Nga Wahi

Date unknownSheet 4 — The Printed Sheet

In Waikato, a printed treaty sheet was signed by five signatories from the Ngāti Pou, Ngāti Mariu and Ngāti Te Wehi hapū (subtribes) of Waikato. This treaty sheet is not dated, but because the only witness was Church Missionary Society missionary Robert Maunsell, it has been assumed that this copy of the treaty was signed at the 1500-person meeting at Waikato Heads in late March or early April 1840, along with the Waikato treaty sheet. If this is the case, the missionary Benjamin Ashwell was also present, although he did not witness signatures on this sheet.

This is the only printed copy that was signed.

In February 1840, in the Bay of Islands, mission printer William Colenso printed 200 copies of the Treaty of Waitangi in the Māori language. In 1844 missionary Henry Williams arranged for 400 more Māori-language copies of the treaty to be printed and distributed among the northern iwi (tribes). While it is more likely that this treaty, witnessed by Maunsell, was one of the 1840 copies, it is also possible that it is one of the 1844 copies.


Signature Numbersort descending Signed as Probable Name Tribe Hapū
1 Te Uira Te Uira Waikato Ngāti Pou
2 Ngahu Ngāhu Waikato Ngāti Pou
3 Rahiri Rāhiri Waikato Ngāti Mariu?
4 Te Noke Te Moke Waikato Ngāti Te Wehi
5 Te Wera Te Wera Waikato Ngāti Mariu?

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