Nga Tohu

In 1840 more than 500 chiefs signed the Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand’s founding document. Ngā Tohu, when complete, will contain a biographical sketch of each signatory.


SignatureSheetSigned asProbable nameTribeHapūSigning Occasion
1Sheet 4 — The Printed SheetTe UiraTe UiraWaikatoNgāti PouWaikato Date unknown

Te Uira probably signed the printed sheet of the Treaty of Waitangi in late March or early April 1840. He was a Ngāti Pou rangatira (chief) from Waikato. 

In 1838 Te Uira was part of a sale agreement for the Rangiriri block at Waiuku, Manukau. This was bought by James Hamlin of the Church Missionary Society for 21 blankets, 10 adzes, 10 axes, 10 hoes, two belts, three red caps, one cloak, two jackets, two knives, two pairs of scissors, six bars of soap, three razors, 30 pipes and 50 pounds of tobacco.

In March 1846 Te Uira and Ngāti Pou were involved in a dispute with Ngāti Tīpā over land at Ihutaroa, 30 miles from Auckland in the lower Waikato. Ngāti Pou suggested they put aside their guns and wrestle for it. Ngāti Pou had the advantage, with 140 men to 100 of Ngāti Tīpā, but retreated when Te Ropiha of Ngāti Te Ata fired a shot. After both sides had lost 60 men, Te Wherowhero brokered peace. In November 1846 Surveyor-General Charles Ligar paid a £5 deposit to Te Uira for this land.

Forty-eight members of the Ngāti Maniapoto iwi, including Te Uira, were paid £500 for land at Taumata in Mōkau in 1855.

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venus kene edwards

Posted: 29 Jul 2021

that was my grandfather,and we have suffered deeply,what is nz coming to.heading towards the same shit that pakeha knew would take over the land