Nga Tohu

In 1840 more than 500 chiefs signed the Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand’s founding document. Ngā Tohu, when complete, will contain a biographical sketch of each signatory.


SignatureSheetSigned asProbable nameTribeHapūSigning Occasion
92Sheet 1 — The Waitangi SheetRangatira Pakanae?Rangatira MoetaraNgāpuhiNgāti Korokoro, Te Hikutū, Ngāti Hau, Ngāi TūMangungu 12 February 1840

Rangatira Moetara of Pākanae signed the Treaty of Waitangi on 12 February 1840 at Mangungu, Hokianga.

He spoke positively about William Hobson during the hui at Mangungu: ‘Welcome Mr Governor. How do you do? Who sold our land to the Pakehas? It was we ourselves. By our own free will, we let it go and it is gone, and what now? What good is there in throwing away our speech? Let the Governor sit for us.’ [1]

Rangatira Moetara was the brother of Moetara Motu Tongapōrutu and father of Hapakuku Moetara. When his brother died in 1838, Rangatira succeeded him as leader of Ngāti Korokoro and adopted the name Rangatira Moetara.

He later acted as an assessor for the Native Land Court. In 1863 Rangatira Moetara was named as a member of the Bay of Islands rūnanga (council), and in 1878 he was identified as one of the leading chiefs of Ngāpuhi.


[1] Quoted in Waitangi Tribunal, He Whakaputanga me te Tiriti – the declaration and the treaty: the report on stage 1 of the Te Paparahi o Te Raki Inquiry, Wellington, 2014,

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Jared Ruawhare

Posted: 15 May 2022

Kia ora im a great grandson of Raiha Moetara my grandmother is Anahera Moetara she had 3 children to my koro Karaitiana Ruawhare. Takiwira Ruawhare, Rukia Ruawhare, And my mother Victoria ann Ruawhare. But im only just putting some of the pieces of the puzzle together but it feels amazing just to i now belong some where in this maori world. Im nearly a whole person just some little touch ups then ill be able to do my pepeha.


Simon Iehu Moetara

Posted: 17 Aug 2021

Thanks for sharing, Rangatira Moetara is my Great Great Great Grandfather. He was the 92nd Signature, but only supported Te Riti O Waitangi Document, the 3rd Article which is in Te Reo and not supporting Article 1 & 2 which was in English and wqs misinterpreted. Governorship which means to Govern the land on behalf of Britsh Colonisation and Native Chiefs of Aotearoa.
Sovernty which means to take full control over everything land water etc, Rangatira Moetara signed-up as Rangatira Pakanae. Rangatira Moetara 1st born was my Great Great Grandfather his name is Hapakuku Moetara, Hapakuku was also an assesor to the Native land Courts. He also had children his 1st born is Iehu Moetara.
Iehu had engagement with two Sisters the first being Tangi Te Whata they had a son my Grandfather Simon Eru Iehu Moetara. The second sister is Raiha Te Whata, she Married Iehu Moetara, Tangi Te Whata did not, but conceeded before Marriage meaning my grandfather was Iehu Moetaras 1st born. Raiha Te Whata married Iehu Moetara taking the name Raiha Moetara nee Te Whata, her Eldest was Hone (Jack) Moetara, his sibling's are Eru Moetara and Anahera.
Simon Eru Moetaras eldest son is my Father Simon Haimona Iehu Moetara. My father adopted our tupunas name Haimona Rangatira Moetara. Haimona has 6 sons Joseph, Simon, Herbert, Rahiri (deseased) no issues, Robert and Rangatira Hapakuku Iehu Moetara. Haimona has 2 Daughters Corajane and Frances Phillis Rita Iehu Moetara. Haimona has more than 20 Mokos and 5 Great Grandchildren to Frances Phillis Rita Iehu-Moetara nee Ratima