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Āperahama Ngākāinga

Nga Tohu

In 1840 more than 500 chiefs signed the Treaty of Waitangi, New Zealand’s founding document. Ngā Tohu, when complete, will contain a biographical sketch of each signatory.


Signature Sheet Signed as Probable name Tribe Hapū Signing Occasion
14 Sheet 3 — The Waikato-Manukau Sheet Aperahama Ngakainga Āperahama Ngākāinga Waikato Ngāti Te Ata, Ngāti Te Uringahu Waikato Heads, Late March or early April 1840

Āperahama Ngākāinga signed the Waikato-Manukau sheet of the Treaty of Waitangi in late March or early April 1840 at Waikato Heads.

At the end of June 1840 Ngākāinga was one of six who signed for the sale of the Pae-o-Kaiwaka and Kotikoti blocks in Waiuku. These blocks were sold to Alexander Dalziel for 12 double-barrelled guns, 48 blankets, five fowling-pieces, four muskets, six cloaks, four coats, 12 waistcoats, six pairs of trousers, six iron pots, four pieces of print, six caps, 10 cartridge boxes, two adzes, one box of pipes, two casks of tobacco, 10 hatchets, four kegs of powder, one bag of shot, six boxes of percussion caps and £2.

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