Reg No: 
Given Names: 
c e no 1
no 5 company
Knight Tempar 17 February 1900
clarence bridge
Next of Kin: 
smith mr t
Next of Kin Address: 
Relationship to Soldier: 

This is Charles Edward Smith who was killed during the South African War on 7 Sept 1900. He is one of two Charles Edward Smiths who served with the NZ forces in South Africa, the other having the service number 690. See the service record for Charles Edward Smith (690) here - we have not been able to find a separate service record for 695 (Archway).

He is listed on the Timaru South African War Memorial.

Service records online

Most of the South African War service records for soldiers in this database have now been digitised and are available by searching the Archives New Zealand Archway website.

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Christine Clement

Posted: 26 Jul 2014

Which Charles Edward SMITH died in South Africa #690 or #695?
Ashburton Guardian, Volume XXI, Issue 5338, 19 February 1901, Page 2
A Returned Trooper. Trooper Charles Edward Smith, of Tinwald, returned from South Africa to-day by the express. The trooper received a hearty welcome on the arrival of the train from a large number of friends and old acquaintances.

Timaru Herald, Volume LXXXI, Issue 12466, 1 September 1904, Page 3

NAMES TO BE INSCRIBED. It is intended to inscribe on the Deceased Troopers' Memorial at Timaru the names of all the men hailing from South Canterbury who lost their lives by battle or disease in South Africa, and whether they belonged to New Zealand contingents or to other forces. The Memoral Committee has been supplied with an official list of members of the Contingents who lost their lives, and from this the following names of South Canterbury men are taken. The committee desire to be informed of the names of deceased South Canterbury men who were members of other forces in South Africa. Some of the men named below were in other parts of New Zealand when the Contingents were found, and their addresses are given as belonging to those places, but a list of next-of-kin identifies them more or less clearly with South Canterbury. We give the names as they occur on the official list, and the number of the Contingent in parenthesis.
Pvt. Charles Edward Smith, Kaikoura (3)

died of enteric at Pretoria