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Page 6 – Passchendale creative writing exercise

For Wellington College, the class of 1909 suffered the most during the war. From that year group, 25 were killed and 32 were wounded. Their average age was 24. As a Year 12 student sitting in class today, can you (or your teachers) imagine, 5 or 10 years from now, going off to fight in a war thousands of kilometres from home or seeing and experiencing the deaths of so many of your mates from school?

These sorts of ideas could be the basis of a creative writing exercise where you put yourself in the shoes of a student in the class of 1909. Perhaps you are writing a diary entry while serving in Belgium in 1917 and reflecting on or reminiscing about your school days and class mates, or maybe you are writing a letter home. These activities don’t need to be confined to Belgium. The feature on the First World War in contains a number of topics that will help you complete this task.

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