Watch Carillonist Timothy Hurd playing in this short video, 'The Carillon - Granada'. (Storybox)

Completed in 1932 as a national memorial to those who died in the First World War, the National War Memorial Carillon has since become a memorial to all New Zealanders who have lost their lives in military conflict. The Carillon – a musical instrument made up of large bells – stands 50 metres tall and is located in Mount Cook, Wellington, at Pukeahu National War Memorial Park.

The original 49 bells of the Carillon were given to commemorate the First World War. Each bears a name or inscription in memory of those to whom they were dedicated. Twenty-five bells have been added to the Carillon since the first bells were cast, bringing the total number to 74. Of these, only the four large bells added in 1995 to mark the 50th anniversary of the end of the Second World War also bear inscriptions. Read more about the Carillon.

The bells

Names and dimensions of each of the bells of remembrance. Each bell title links to more information about that bell.
No.sort descending Title Note Height Diameter Weight
1 G# 140mm 175mm 4.00kg
2 G 146mm 174mm 4.50kg
3 F# 178mm 152mm 5.00kg
4 F 152mm 190mm 5.00kg
5 E 159mm 184mm 5.00kg
6 D# 165mm 190mm 5.00kg
7 D 171mm 203mm 5.50kg
8 C# 179mm 216mm 7.00kg
9 C 184mm 229mm 9.00kg
10 B 197mm 241mm 10.00kg
11 A# 210mm 254mm 11.00kg
12 A 222mm 267mm 14.00kg
13 G# 241mm 279mm 16.00kg
14 G 260mm 305mm 21.00kg
15 F# 279mm 330mm 27.00kg
16 F 286mm 343mm 30.00kg
17 E 298mm 368mm 38.00kg
18 D# 317mm 387mm 44.00kg
19 D 330mm 406mm 46.00kg
20 C# 340mm 420mm 53.50kg
21 C 356mm 432mm 55.00kg
22 B 375mm 457mm 66.00kg
23 A# 387mm 483mm 74.00kg
24 A 413mm 508mm 87.00kg
25 G# 438mm 533mm 103.00kg
26 G 464mm 559mm 129.00kg
27 F# 502mm 610mm 147.00kg
28 F 521mm 641mm 182.00kg
29 E 565mm 686mm 219.00kg
30 D# 578mm 711mm 232.00kg
31 D 597mm 737mm 252.50kg
32 C# 629mm 762mm 266.50kg
33 C 635mm 794mm 302.00kg
34 B 686mm 850mm 366.00kg
35 A# 711mm 889mm 417.00kg
36 A 762mm 953mm 516.00kg
37 G# 813mm 1016mm 602.50kg
38 G 864mm 1067mm 732.00kg
39 F# 914mm 1130mm 865.00kg
40 F 965mm 1194mm 1078.00kg
41 E 1041mm 1270mm 1269.00kg
42 D# 1092mm 1346mm 1459.00kg
43 D 1168mm 1422mm 1708.00kg
44 C# 1245mm 1524mm 2040.00kg
45 C 1321mm 1600mm 2448.00kg
46 B 1397mm 1702mm 3005.50kg
47 A# 1499mm 1803mm 3177.00kg
48 A 1549mm 1905mm 4143.50kg
49 G# 1651mm 2032mm 5048.00kg
50 G 2145mm 6458.00kg
51 F# 2273mm 7904.00kg
52 F 2403mm 9278.00kg
53 D 2720mm 12475.00kg