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NZEF Units

The New Zealand Expeditionary Force (NZEF) formed part of the British military forces during the First World War. In this section you will find information about each of the military units that made up the NZEF. For each unit we have provided an overview of their role, a list of campaigns they were involved in and images of their badges, cloth patches, shoulder titles and other insignia.

First World War military formations

An overview of the formation and structure of the NZEF in the FIrst World War

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Infantry units

Information about the Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury and Otago infantry regiments and the New Zealand Rifle Brigade

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Artillery units

The role of the NZFA, Ammunition Column and Trench Mortar Batteries in the First World War

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Specialist Units of the NZEF

Tunnelers, cyclists and cameliers are among many New Zealand specialist units that served in the First World War

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Medical Units of the NZEF

The role that doctors, nurses, dentists and veterinarians played in the First World War

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Supply and Administrative Units

The NZEF units that looked after the pay, supply, communication and religious needs of the soliders

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Māori and Pacific units

Organisation of the Maori Contingent, Maori Pioneer Battalion and Rarotongan Company during the First World War

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