School dental nurse at work

School dental nurse at work

A boy receiving dental care at Te Kaha School, Opotiki. c1944.


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Posted: 14 Nov 2023

As a Child growing up in Christchurch int he 70’s & 80’s we were loaded into a bus and taken to the murder house. Rows of dental chairs and dental students would practice on our teeth. I remember trying so hard to be nice and keep my mouth open so they would be kind back to me. My mouth is full of fillings. At 53 I’m now left with little enamel and possibly more crowns to come as the fillings disintegrate . I can’t afford these! I’ve spent at least $500 every visit. My sister ,a year younger never went to the murder house and has only one filling. Surely ACC should be helping us victims of this barbaric system!
I was told the dental school was burnt down and all records lost…anyone ever approached the government for compensation?


Posted: 24 Aug 2023

as a Primary School pupil in 1960's Hawkes Bay the one thing that children were terrified of was the School Dental Nurse.
Not only did we receive a mouth full of needless fillings but were subject to emotional and physical abuse and to this day affects many of us to the point that we dont trust Dentists and pay out thousands of dollars for ongoing dental treatment. Spent over $80000 over three years removing all of the amalgam fillings from those horrible days including root canals, caps and bridges and at the end of it all you end up with dentures.
The Government wont admit to the barbaric and unecessary treatment we received in those days and dont receive any partial payment help from the Government for expensive ongoing treatments arising from nasty under qualified Dental Nurses that would drill and fill tooth simply because they could.


Posted: 10 Apr 2023

I' wish I could Say. Ok ,let's get over it move on, What What,,and laugh & smile , Is there compensation? Or can I rip there teeth out and take there smile


Posted: 29 Jan 2023

Like everyone else in previous comments below I can attribute all 4 of my very large amalgam/mercury based fillings to just one year during primary school in the early 1970’s. Despite not having a filling for the rest of my life until now, those 1970’s fillings have recently caused sufficient damage to need replacement at huge cost. The fillings were so extensive crowns were required.
Like other contributors here, we ate healthily, were fastidious in our dental hygiene and had fluoride tablets in our water. So the reason for those 1970’s fillings given at the time was preventative. The experience like everyone else’s was painful and created a lifelong fear of dentistry. As a health professional I’m left wondering how a school based service could intentionally damage healthy teeth under the guise of protection without even a consent from a parent required nor a referral to a properly qualified dentist. Like others here I am paying vast amounts in dental care to repair the damage these old fillings have done


Posted: 02 Dec 2022

I too have horrific memories of the visits to the New Zealand school dental nurse. No pain relief was ever given! I actually fainted in the chair, from pain…TWICE! Drilling on my front tooth was the most painful experience. I am now 64 and still carry a huge ‘going to the dentist phobia.’ I have spent thousands over the years on my teeth, due to what I presume were unnecessary fillings when young. Our family were also healthy eaters, and big on cleaning our teeth, and yet all 5 of us have mouths full of amalgam.

k PeoplesAnonymous

Posted: 09 Nov 2022

While attending school dentist while at primary school in Christchurch I had numerous unnecessary filings. As soon as I left primary school, almost no further cavities. I now suffer both the pain and financial burden of multiple crowns to repair the harm caused by the school dentists. I am surprised no one has commenced a class action against this injustice. Perhaps we should.

J . Ohanlon

Posted: 15 Sep 2022

I am also convinced we were used as Guinea pigs to train dentists.
I weren’t to a South Auckland primary school in the 70’s & remember the fear of being summoned to the murder house.
After 40 years I have only had 1 other tooth cause me problems but had 4 back tooth fillings before the age of 10, 2 of which had to be removed. I also suffered from having to endure the pain of drilling without pain relief.
I think we all need to create a class action case & sue for the suffering and damages that we all have endured as children & adults from this barbaric system.
This is not a coincidence.


Posted: 30 Jul 2022

I had the same experience as a child. In the late 60s and 70s when I was a child I had many fillings in my back teeth only despite not eating a lot of sugar and brushing my teeth regularly. No anesthetic was ever used. They would just pick up the drill and start drilling with barely even checking my teeth first. I have lost a back tooth due to it breaking and today I went to the dentist only to be told that another one of my back teeth needs a crown as a piece of my tooth has broken off. There is such a large filling in this tooth that there is not enough tooth now to support the filling and without the crown my tooth I'll probably lose the tooth. I've already lost one of my back teeth. We were definitely used as guinea pigs by these dental nurses from hell.


Posted: 23 Jul 2022

I was a child who had been i say abused by the primary school dental nurse in hawkes bay ...

Getting picked out of class i didnt know was going to happen never been to a dentist before soon i was told to jump up on the chair she grabbed the drill like I was next in line, with no injections by the way.

so scared and crying so much insane pain , she then strapped me into chair screamed at me " that it dosnt bloody hurt dose it ...!!" Then she got so angry she grabbed my arms and shook me .had continued to get massive silver fillings strapped in the chair .....when I had great teeth and wasn't aloud much suger ! After that I've never been the same and my whole being was damaged forever.

John H.

Posted: 30 Apr 2022

Yes i also suffered at the hands of primary school dentists and have a mouthful of mercury amalgram fillings.
The fillings are now starting to break down and I'm either swallowing bits or spitting them out. I'm positive those fillings have affected my health. I still remember the torture of having teeth drilled with no anaesthetic. The nurse used to tell me how strong my teeth were but gave me many fillings. Strange that. Were we just guinnea pigs of the system?