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A history of New Zealand in 100 places

This web feature is an updated digital adaptation of Gavin McLean’s 2002 book, 100 Historic Places in New Zealand. Publisher Hodder Moa Beckett’s title slightly disguised the fact that it was a history of New Zealand told through 100 historic places. These are not the 100 best buildings – many aren’t buildings – or the greatest archaeological sites. McLean observes, ‘I chose some because they are beautiful, but most are either places where people created turning points in our history or they are ones that represent major historic themes. No focus groups tainted this entirely personal excursion through our cultural heritage landscapes. Despite the damage caused by the 2010–12 Canterbury earthquakes, I’ve kept my 2002 choices – change, even catastrophic, is as much part of history as continuity.’ See also a map view of these places.

The 100 Places