Erebus disaster

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This web feature was written by Imelda Bargas and produced by the team. It builds on an earlier feature written by Steve Watters.


Books and articles

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A range of documentaries and television items relating to the Erebus disaster have been posted to YouTube by TVNZ.

Erebus disaster - Erebus disaster investigation - Parts 1-5

A documentary relating to the Erebus disaster recovery operation and site investigation in Antarctica. Includes footage of the recovery of the CFR and DFDR and interviews with those involved, including Ron Chippindale, chief inspector of air accidents at the Office of Air Accidents Investigation.

Erebus disaster - Lookout - Parts 1-5

A documentary relating to the Erebus disaster. Part 1 includes footage from the hours immediately after the crash, and Parts 2-5 include extensive footage of the Royal Commission of Inquiry.

Erebus disaster - The Aftermath - Episode 1, Parts 1-5; Episode 2, Parts 1-4, Episode 3, Parts 1-4, Episode 4, Parts 1-4

A four-episode mini-series providing a detailed reconstruction of events surrounding the Erebus disaster. Includes reconstruction of the site investigation, the Royal Commission of Inquiry and subsequent legal proceedings.

Erebus disaster - tourist flights

Footage of an Air New Zealand Antarctic flight filmed one week before the crash of Flight TE901. Includes material filmed on board the aircraft and from the ground at Scott Base. The commentator on the flight appears to be Bob Thomson, superintendent of the Antarctic Division of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.

Erebus disaster - crash site news report

A news item showing footage of the crash site following the recovery operation. It includes a brief interview with one of the mountaineers first at the site, Hugh Logan.

Erebus disaster - Eye Witness Report

A contemporary report relating to the release of the Royal Commission of Inquiry's report into the Erebus disaster and questions over compensation. It includes footage of testimony of Ron Chippindale, chief inspector of air accidents at the Office of Air Accidents Investigation, Charles (Brian) Hewitt, chief navigator, navigation section, Air New Zealand, First Officer Irvine, pilot, Air New Zealand, who attended the briefing with Captain Jim Collins and First Officer Greg Cassin, and Captain Bruce Crosby (sp), at the Commission's hearings. It also includes lengthy interviews with the Prime Minister, Robert Muldoon, on his response to the report and with Margaret Vennell, Senior Lecturer in Air and Space Law at Auckland University regarding legal questions on compensation.

Erebus disaster - Privy Council dismiss appeal

A brief news item relating to the judgement by the Privy Council on Justice Peter Mahon's appeal.

Flight 901 - Erebus: 20 years on

A documentary relating to the Erebus disaster, which includes participants reflecting on the cause of the crash 20 years on. It includes interviews with Anne Cassin, the wife of one of the first officers on the flight, Greg Cassin, Captain Gordon Vette, flight safety advisor, Ron Chippindale, chief inspector of air accidents, Office of Air Accidents Investigation and Maurice Williamson, Minister of Transport.  

Erebus disaster - Mahon papers

A news item relating to the tabling in Parliament of the Mahon report by Maurice Williamson, Minister of Transport, approximately 20 years after the crash. It includes brief interviews with Williamson, Margarita Mahon, Justice Mahon's widow, and Gordon Vette, flight safety advisor.

Erebus disaster - Mahon Report

A news item relating to the tabling in Parliament of the Mahon report by Maurice Williamson, Minister of Transport. It includes footage of Williamson, Alliance Leader Jim Anderton and NZ First MP Robyn McDonald. It also includes interviews with McDonald and Margarita Mahon, Justice Mahon's widow.

Erebus disaster - 25th anniversary broadcast

A news item relating to the 25th anniversary commemorations in Antarctica. It includes footage of wreath laying, a memorial service at Scott Base, Dave Bresnahan, head of the American base, and Sir Edmund Hillary. It also includes a brief interview with the Foreign Affairs Minister, Phil Goff.   


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