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Two Eliminating Diets


As recommended by :
Herbert Sutcliffe, D.Sc.,Ph.D., F.F.Sc. (Lond.)

To obtain physical fitness, it is of vital importance that the right mental attitude should accompany the food diet to enable the emotions, nerves and glands to co-operate with the healing processes of the body.

The following 'Mental Diet' will be found of wonderful benefit to ensure success.


General Instructions:

For ten days, make a resolution to eliminate all fears from your mind. Affirm the following three times each, for the said ten days:

  • MORNING: 'Thank God I am alive. I harmonise myself with the foods that cleanse and heal the body. I fill my mind with LIFE, LOVE and POWER.'
  • TEN AM: 'All anxiety is passing from me to the Infinite Life, and congested body-cells are being dispersed NOW.'
  • NOON: 'I maintain my PEACE WITH THE UNIVERSE, and with the vitalising processes of RADIANT LIVING.'
  • FOUR PM: 'I unfold all problems and place them in the hands of DIVINE WISDOM. They are no longer mine. Nature is adjusting my physical body for perfect health".


Commence the day with the following Mental and Physical exercise:

Feet apart, toes gripping the floor, inhale and hold breath; clench hands, stretch left hand above head at an angle to correspond with 1 on the clock, while right hand, clenched, is stretched down to correspond with 7 on the clock. Look up, with head leaning towards left hand. Affirm with positive voice: "Thank God I am ALIVE!!!" Exhale and relax.

Then reverse the position, and stretch the clenched right hand above the head to correspond with 11 on the clock, with left hand at an angle to correspond with 5 on the clock. Breathe and affirm as before, and relax.

Repeat the exercise three times



INSTRUCTIONS: Read carefully.

The following menu is a scientific method of eating abundantly of foods calculated to impregnate the blood with vital health. It frees the tissues of mucus, toxic poisons and congested cells. Cold, catarrh, asthma, bronchitis, liver troubles, intestinal and stomach troubles, constipation, blood pressure and many other diseases can be eradicated by taking this wonderful menu of vital foods.

SPECIAL NOTE: For the specified period (except where specially stated) entirely refrain from eating proteins, i.e. meats, fish, eggs, peas, beans, lentils, poultry, cheese and etc., and carbohydrates, such as bread, biscuits, scones, cakes, potatoes and all sweets. Do NOT drink tea, coffee, cocoa, milk or any makes of soft drinks.

Endeavour to drink 2 quarts of the potassium broth each day. This, together with the fruit juices, will supply the body with the liquids required.

Symptoms, such as dizziness and temporary weakness are food signs that the diet is assisting the blood to cleanse the body of uric acid, congestion and mucus. Persevere, and they will pass away. Eat all you can of the right foods.


This menu consists of TWELVE CITRUS FRUITS - 6 oranges, 3 grapefruit and 3 lemons - taken every day for ten days, (for special cases a longer period may be necessary), together with salads, VEGETABLES and other FRUITS. Remember, No Additions are to be made to the Eliminating Menu. This is not a process of elimination through starvation.

The time stated hereafter for meals is an approximate time and can be adjusted to suit each person's requirements.

It is advisable to keep these fruit juices separate.

Clean the teeth and rinse the mouth well.

Half an hour before breakfast. 2 glasses of warm lemon water, (juice of half a medium sized lemon to a tumbler full of water.)


  • 8.30 a.m. Breakfast: Juice of 3 good sized oranges or substitute (see below). Add yolk of one egg on first and alternate days.
  • 9.30 a.m. One hour later: One whole grapefruit, or  ¼ pint cocktail as substitute
  • 10.30 a.m One hour later: Drink 1 ½ pints hot potassium broth. Eat broth vegetables if possible for roughage. Include two teaspoonfuls wheatgerm and two teaspoonsful alfalfa (if available).
  • 12.00 noon: Another lemon drink, as before.
  • 12.30 p.m. Lunch: 1 pint potassium broth; a salad of 6 to 10 fresh raw vegetables (grate root vegetables finely). Dressing of lemon juice, honey and olive oil. Also 1 cubic inch cheese on second and alternate days. One apple or other sub-acid fruit.
  • 2.00 p.m: Three oranges or  ¼ pint cocktail as substitute.
  • 3.00 p.m. one hour later: One whole grapefruit or  ¼ pint cocktail as substitute.
  • 4.00 p.m. one hour later: If feeling hungry, eat any of the following fruits - apples, apricots, cherries, pears, peaches or other sub-acid fruits. (Not bananas.)
  • One half hour before dinner: Lemon drink, as before
  • 6.30 p.m. Dinner: 1 ½ pints potassium broth, add wheatgerm and alfalfa. Also 3 or 4 steamed or 'wilted' vegetables (roots and greens, not potatoes). Dessert: four or five prunes and juice (no cream), or fresh fruit. No nuts.
  • Supper: One whole grapefruit, or  ¼ pint cocktail as substitute.
  • Last thing at night: To ensure full bowel movements take one or two teaspoonsful of the cleansing food.

If salt is desired, use only vegetable or celery salt.

The vegetables to be used for lunch and dinner can be chosen from: celery, carrots, spinach, lettuce, cucumbers, cabbage, parsley, sorrel, onions, watercress, cauliflower, radishes, spring onions, asparagus and tomatoes either cooked or raw, but NEVER USE flour or milk gravies on any vegetable.


Take equal parts of the following vegetables finely chopped or put through the mincer: About 2 cupfuls each of spinach, onions, celery, carrots,tomatoes; one quarter cup of parsley. Add 2 quarts of cold water and place over a suitable flame to boil in 20 minutes, then simmer slowly for 20 minutes. Flavour with either asparagus, carrot tops, marmite, beet tops, turnip tops or green pepper. DO NOT USE cabbage. Season with vegetable salt or celery salt. (If fresh vegetables quite unobtainable, tinned goods may be substituted.)

ALTERNATIVE: Make 1 quart of Potassium Broth. Take 1 pint at morning period and 1 pint at evening period. For lunch drink half a pint of cocktail. (See substitute.)

SUBSTITUTES: Breakfast: 1 medium to large apple, mild, grated or 'snitzled', 3 prunes and 1 dessertspoonful wheat-germ. (Add one beaten egg yolk as directed.)

COCKTAIL: Two parts of carrot juice and one part each of the following, spinach, beetroot, tomatoes, celery with a little lemon or apple juice to flavour, and vegetable salt. Stir well.

Sour oranges may be substituted for grapefruit.


To ensure thorough elimination through the bowels, make up the under-mentioned cleansing food to take before retiring. The bowels must work at least twice a day or the poisons will be re-absorbed into the system. Take one or two teaspoonsful.

One half pound of the following:

Dates, prunes, seeds raisins, figs. Put the fruit through a mincer and mix. Add 3 tablespoonsful of senna powder, also 4 tablespoonsful of black molasses or treacle.

Mix all very thoroughly, adding more of the molasses if the mixture is too dry. Bottle in air-tight jars. A tablespoonful of glycerine will help keep it moist, but it is not essential.

AFTER having taken the ELIMINATING DIET be careful to gradually return to a balanced diet. Reduce the quantity of fruit, vegetables and broth, adding 2 pieces of whole-wheat bread, butter, honey, olive oil, cream and egg yolks. Then, in general, let proteins, carbohydrates and fats be 20% of the total dietary.


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