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All Whites


1982 Football World Cup

As New Zealand prepares for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, we look back to 1981-82, when football first seized the country’s imagination. After slogging through an epic qualifying schedule of 15 games, the 'All Whites' took on the best in the world at the 1982 finals in Spain. Read the full article

Page 2 - Qualifying rounds

New Zealand’s long road to Spain began on Anzac Day 1981 with a hard-fought 3–3 draw with Australia at Mount Smart Stadium,

Page 3 - Playing in the finals

The New Zealanders were given little hope against their opposition in Group 6, which was dubbed the ‘pool of death’. This group included the cup favourites, Brazil, plus powerful

Page 4 - All Whites' results

Results from qualifying and finals games played by New

Page 5 - Further information

Military service objectors database

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Page 1 - Test ballots

The All Whites’ achievement in reaching the 1982 World Cup finals even inspired a children’s board game, the ‘Ball-O World Cup soccer game’ - marketed as ‘exciting new family sporting entertainment’.