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Betty Guard

Personal details

Full Name:

Elizabeth Guard


3 Dec 1814 – 16 Jul 1870


Betty Guard
Betty Guard is believed to be the first European woman to settle in the South Island. In 1834 she was taken hostage by a group of Taranaki and Ngati Ruanui Māori before being rescued several months later by her husband Jacky and a detachment of 60 men from the 50th Regiment.

Events In History

21 September 1834

The family of the whaler Jacky Guard were among a group of Pākehā captured by Māori in May 1834 after the barque Harriet ran aground on the Taranaki coast.


A frontier of chaos?

In the years before the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, relations between Māori and Europeans were marred by a number of high-profile incidents. Read the full article

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The rescue of Betty Guard and her two children from Ngāti Ruanui in the spring of 1834 involved the first use of British troops on New Zealand soil.

Main image: Guard's Bay
Watercolour of Guard's Bay, Port Underwood by William Fox (1848)

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