Events In History

Town 40 km south-east of Whanganui and 30 km north-west of Palmerston North. Local Chris Amon was a Formula 1 racing driver in the 1960s and 1970s. Bulls has many shops selling antiques and collectables. The Ngāti Raukawa marae, Parewahawaha, was originally on the east bank of the Rangitīkei River, but in 1897 the river changed course and the marae is now on the west bank. The parents of religious leader T. W. Rātana, and his aunt, Mere Rikiriki, are buried in the ground of Wheriko church, which is a monument to Richard Taylor’s mission work in the district. 14 km south-west of Bulls, Flock House operated as a training farm from 1924 to 1989.

Meaning of place name
It is named after James Bull, who ran a hotel and store from 1858.