Township 15 km north-west of Hāwera. The town is surrounded by some of the richest dairy land in the country. In the 1940s and 1950s the number of dairy factories per kilometre of road was the highest in New Zealand. To help transport milk to the factories, the Waimate West County began a major road-sealing project in 1916 and a few years later had some of the country’s best rural roads. In the town’s central crossroads, an 1890 marble obelisk commemorates the Pākehā casualties of the 1868–69 Taranaki wars; a second obelisk and a band rotunda are First World War memorials. The Manaia redoubt is the site of two 1880s blockhouses, and a 1912 replica of the original lookout tower.

Meaning of place name
Manaia was named after Hukunui Manaia, a paramount Māori chief of the district.