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Nugent Welch

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Nugent Herrmann Welch


30 Jul 1881 – 16 Jul 1970


Nugent Welch
Nugent Welch was New Zealand’s first ‘war artist.’ Thirty-two of Welch’s works are in New Zealand’s National Collection of War Art held at Archives NZ. 


First World War art

During the First World War official and unofficial New Zealand war artists produced a wide range of works depicting this country's war effort. These works later became part of New Zealand's National Collection of War Art. Read the full article

Page 3 - Official war art

The NZEF employed its first official war artist, Lance Corporal Nugent Welch, in April 1918. Welch documented the activities of the New Zealand Division in France and Belgium,

Painting of a howitzer artillery gun by Nugent Welch, circa 1918