nugent welch

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Full Name:

  • Nugent Herrmann Welch


  • 30 Jul 188116 Jul 1970

Nugent Welch was New Zealand’s first ‘war artist.’ Thirty-two of Welch’s works are in New Zealand’s National Collection of War Art held at Archives NZ. 

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First World War art

  • First World War art

    During the First World War official and unofficial New Zealand war artists produced a wide range of works depicting this country's war effort. These works later became part of New Zealand's National Collection of War Art.

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  • Page 3 - Official war artThe NZEF employed its first official war artist, Lance Corporal Nugent Welch, in April 1918. Welch documented the activities of the New Zealand Division in France and Belgium,
  • Main image: Nugent Welch

    Portrait of Nugent Hermann Welch by Victor Leonard William Mitchell