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Robert Stout

Personal details

Full Name:

Robert Stout


24 Sep 1844 – 19 Jul 1930


16-28 Aug 1884; 3 Sept 1884–8 Oct 1887

Age on becoming Premier:



City of Dunedin East


Robert Stout
The careers of Sir Robert Stout and Sir Julius Vogel were so closely intertwined that Stout’s governments are usually referred to as Stout-Vogel ministries. Both men started their public lives in Otago and followed similar policies.

Events In History

15 April 1885

Politicians and Māori leaders ceremonially turned the ‘first sod’ of the central section of the main trunk line – a project that would take 23 years to complete.

11 March 1884

Forty delegates from six regional associations met in Dunedin to adopt a constitution and elect the first officeholders in the new organisation.

On 15 April 1885 the first sod of the central section of the main trunk was turned near the Pūniu River, south of Te Awamutu, by Premier Robert Stout.