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1987 Rugby World Cup

  • 1987 Rugby World Cup

    In a country where rugby became a surrogate for religion, hosting and then winning the first Rugby World Cup was a big deal. The story of how the tournament came about mixes the worlds of sport, politics and money.

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  • Page 3 – The long road to the cup

    There were many obstacles along the road to the first Rugby World Cup.

  • Page 4 – Organising the tournament

    The Rugby World Cup was set to take place in May or June 1987, and two venues in Australia and eight in New Zealand would hold games.

  • Page 5 – A world cup at last

    With the staging of the Rugby World Cup, rugby had established itself as a commercial market, and the financial viability of the world cup concept was assured.

  • Page 6 – Further information

    This web feature was written by David Green and produced by the team. Links The 1987 Rugby World Cup includes match statistics for all games

New Zealand cricket

  • New Zealand cricket

    Relive some of the highs and lows in the history of New Zealand's most popular summer team sport, cricket. Although the game has been played here since the 1830s, international success – especially against traditional rivals England and Australia – was a long time coming.

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