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New Zealand cricket

  • New Zealand cricket

    Relive some of the highs and lows in the history of New Zealand's most popular summer team sport, cricket. Although the game has been played here since the 1830s, international success – especially against traditional rivals England and Australia – was a long time coming.

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  • Page 2 – Why cricket?

    Cricket is New Zealand's major organised summer sport. Like rugby, one of New Zealand's major winter sporting codes, it was developed in England.

  • Page 3 – The World Cup

    A brief history 

  • Page 4 – Playing England

    New Zealand has played England in 88 tests, almost twice as often as it has met any other team. The team has had many cricketing highs and lows against England.

  • Page 5 – Playing Australia

    Key moments in New Zealand's cricketing rivalry with Australia

Cricket in New Zealand

  • Cricket in New Zealand

    The place of sport in New Zealand culture

    Case study: cricket in New Zealand


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    Topics include:

    • the World Cup
    • why cricket?
    • playing England
    • playing Australia.

    Cricket is New Zealand's major organised summer sport and enjoys the fourth-highest playing numbers. Cricket is not, however, a sport of great worldwide significance. Like rugby, its popularity is largely confined to present and former members of the British Commonwealth and, like rugby, the game originated in England. It reflects our colonial past. Sport is an important part of the New Zealand way of life.

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  • Page 2 – World Cup scavenger hunt - New Zealand cricket activity

    Short-answer activities about New Zealand cricket

  • Page 3 – Sport and identity - cricket activity

    Hold a class discussion or complete some writing about the place of sport in New Zealand society.


  • Reid, John Richard

    After debuting for the New Zealand cricket team against England in 1949 John Reid went on to play another 57 tests for his country, 34 of those as captain.

  • Main image: Basin Reserve

    Now one of the country’s most significant cricket venues, Wellington's Basin Reserve was the first sportsground registered by the former Historic Places Trust.