New Zealand memorial to the missing, Chunuk Bair panorama

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The New Zealand Memorial to the Missing on Chunuk Bair lists the names of 850 New Zealanders who were killed at Gallipoli and have no known grave. The majority died during the Sari Bair offensive in August 1915. Inscribed on the memorial is the following tribute:

In memory of these officers non-commissioned officers and men of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force who lost their lives in the heroic assault on the heights of Sari Bair 6th-10th August 1915 in the capture of Chunuk Bair and in subsequent battles and operations from August-December 1915 and who are not definitely recorded as buried in this or adjoining areas.

Behind this are the New Zealand Memorial and the Turkish Conkbayiri Memorial. Scrolling right shows the road running in front of the memorial to the missing with Hill Q (immediately right of the trees) and then Hill 971 in the background. Further right, the enclosure of Chunuk Bair Cemetery is in the foreground. The Narrows are on either side of the conical hill, Mal Tepe.

Read more about the memorial, including information about those listed from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website.

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