View from Chunuk Bair panorama, Gallipoli

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View from Chunuk Bair toward Rhododendron Ridge (on the left), with No. 3 Outpost near the coast in the distance. The Pinnacle is marked by the firebreak; below and to the right is the road to The Farm Cemetery (in the right foreground, just beyond the trees) at the Apex. Table Top and Cheshire Ridge are visible on both sides of Chailak Dere valley. To the right, in the distance, are Suvla Bay and the salt lake. Scrolling right, reconstructed Turkish trenches on Chunuk Bair come into view, then the Conkbayiri Ataturk Memorial and the New Zealand Memorial.

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What do you know?

Keith Tonkin

Posted: 09 Jul 2014

The first time I've seen this. My Grandfather Charles Spearman was here with the Wellington Infantry and was wounded at some time during the fight on 8th August 1915. Would like to be able to be here myself in August next year. He never said anything about it but I've learnt he was here from New Zealand Military archives by finding his service number. It answered a lot of questions for me.