Burial at sea after Kolombangara

Burial at sea after Kolombangara

Burial-at-sea ceremonies were held as Leander limped to Tulagi after the action at Kolombangara in July 1943. In the traditional manner, each body was sewn into a hammock which had a shot of lead placed at the foot of it to make it sink.

HMNZS Leander casualties, Kolombangara 13 July 1943

Killed in action:

    • Arthur Barlow, Commissioned Electrican (Auckland)
    • Jack Battersby, Acting Stoker Petty Officer
    • James Beattie, Abel Seaman (Oamaru)
    • Brian Boate, Stoker 1st Class (Auckland)
    • Gordon Cameron, Leading Seaman (England)
    • William Clyde, Abel Seaman (Outram)
    • Derisley Collins, Stoker 1st Class (Kaiapoi)
    • Gregory Cullen, Petty Officer Stoker (Auckland)
    • George Dryland, Abel Seaman (Auckland)
    • Arthur Edwards, Stoker 1st Class (Nelson)
    • Kenneth Fraser, Chief Engine Room Artificer (Auckland)
    • Frank Hooke, Abel Seaman (Timaru)
    • Arthur Knight, Stoker (Auckland)
    • Ian Laidlaw, Stoker 2nd Class (Rangiora)
    • William McDougall, Able Seaman (Dunedin)
    • Ronald Marshall, Chief Petty Officer (Auckland)
    • Robert Morris, Abel Seaman (Tauranga)
    • Savu Naulamatua, Ordinary Seaman (Fiji)
    • Maurice O’Neil, Stoker 1st Class (Ngatea)
    • Timo Paumau, Abel Seaman (Fiji)
    • Henry Pawson, Abel Seaman (England)
    • Raymond Rolston, Acting Leading Seaman (Auckland)
    • Donald Slattery, Stoker 1st Class (England)
    • Richard Summerell, Acting Leading Stoker (Dunedin)
    • Norman Warren, Acting Petty Officer Stoker (Christchurch)
    • Ernest Westcott, Engine Room Artificer (Auckland)
    • Robert Wilson, Engine Room Artificer 4th Class (Auckland)

Fifteen men were wounded, three seriously. Further information on the men listed above can be found on the Auckland War Memorial Museum Cenotaph database

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