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Carnival Queens, 1915


Queen Carnivals were a popular means of raising money during the First World War. Pictured here are some successful carnival queens from 1915: Christchurch – Nurse Maude, representing Tramway employees (raised £12,000 for Poor of Belgium Fund); Wellington – Miss Kitty Doughty, representing Travellers, Warehousemen, Merchants and Central Club (raised £80,000 for NZ Patriotic Fund for wounded soldiers, sailors and dependants); Ashburton – Miss May Harrison, representing Rakaia (raised £8000 for Belgium Relief Fund); Dunedin – Miss Ruth Herbert Smith (raised £127,000 for relief of wounded soldiers); and Timaru/South Canterbury – Miss Kathleen Caskey, representing Mackenzie Country (raised £6000 for Belgian Relief Fund).


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