Foreshore and seabed hīkoi

Foreshore and seabed hīkoi

A protester flies the tino rangatiratanga flag at Parliament during the New Zealand foreshore and seabed controversy. Note the presence of other flags, including the United Tribes flag.

In April 2004 a hīkoi began in Northland in protest against proposed legislation to vest ownership of New Zealand's foreshore and seabed in the Crown. The hīkoi arrived in Wellington on 5 May 2004, after picking up numerous supporters on the way south.

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Posted: 09 Dec 2021

Individual rites have been ignored and ignorance has proceeded on with evil intensions greed. What about the direct decedents of the Maori chiefs whom exercising individual rite who have not relinkquished any of there rites to the crown have been ignored and now are subject to law even tho the crown had granted them these rites, collective rite retainer rite recollective rite individual rite as part of the treaty deal signed by the Maori chiefs. Now non Maori groups have been acknowledged and all these individual non direct decedents of the Maori chiefs are exercising individual Maori rites. The Maori courts have failed. Waitangi tribunal have failed the crown have failed Maori party failed and corruption has prospered it states in the treaty fssb rites are for direct decedents of the Maori chiefs line not for non Maori or Maori groups the crowns waitangi treaty lawyers have neglected to protect these individuals rites and forfill there duties. These actions have divided Maori and disturbed the peace that Maori and pakeha have enjoyed these past few years and has also caused Maori to divide. Benifishal Maori are the Maori who make decisions for all Maori Benifishal Maori have all the say only problem is these Maori sign first read later and then realize they made a mistake and have now proceeded on with out the rest of there people the Maori who did not relinkquish there sbfs rites to the crown this path of dishonesty deciet and ignorance will have a catastrophic imbalance towards first the direct decedents of the Maori chiefs who did not relinkquish there individual fssb rites know as NON Benifishal Maori and the imbalance will eventually treckle down towards the whenua, or the people and future generations. Over fished and poluted it will eventually be destroyed by dishonour


Posted: 27 Feb 2018

A kiwi is a small endangered flightless bird. The kiwi is the slang name by which foreigners call New Zealanders and Indigenous Maori. It is not a national identity. In the same manner "koalas" do not identify australians or their indigenous first nation peoples. Kiwi is not mentioned in the treaty of Waitangi. Nor in either english or Maori versions. We all ready have our national identity embedded within our the bicultural nature of our first constitutional document He Whakaputanga and 2nd constitutional document Nu Tirene. TREATY OF THE WAITANGI.

Kelvin Bond

Posted: 14 Feb 2010

I am a teacher at a University in China. Since Britain abandoned NZ for the euro community I have believed we need to adopt a pure kiwi identity . . . get rid of the Union Jack on our flag. I think the black back-ground and silver fern is beautiful but would like to see us retain the Southern Cross as it is currently, red/white but with a blue edge. We are Oceania, and as we now realise that the western doctrine on the threat of China is flawed, it is time for us to embrace this nation that we have close links to, support its passive policy and work hard on bettering the life of all peoples in this wonderful part of the world.