Gravestone at Gallipoli

Gravestone at Gallipoli

The grave of Alfred ‘Dickenson’ (Dickinson) near Fisherman’s Hut, Gallipoli. Dickinson, a trooper in the Wellington Mounted Rifles, was killed in action defending No. 3 Outpost on 30 May 1915. He is commemorated on the Lone Pine Memorial at Gallipoli.

In July 1915, the Wanganui Chronicle published a letter sent by chaplain William Grant to Dickinson’s brother, Thomas, explaining the circumstances of ‘Alf’s’ death:

The Trenches, 3-6-’15.
Dear Mr Dickinson, — You have my sympathy in the loss of your gallant brother. He was one of a little band of heroes who held an outpost in the face of overwelming odds for 28 hours. He and others perished in the attempt before the post was relieved, the marvel being that any returned. The affair will be an obscure incident in a great war, but nevertheless it might easily have been another “Rorke’s Drift.” Our wounded were brought out with incredible difficulty, and your brother died on the journey to the dressing station. We buried him there, on a spur of Walker’s Ridge, rising steeply from the sea and commanding an exquisite view of sea and land, with islands in the near distance; the place being known as "Fisherman’s Hut," towards midnight on Sunday, 30th May, after repulsing an attack of the enemy, in which four more were wounded. 
You may well be proud in your sorrow, that your brother died at the post of duty, like a good soldier, giving his life with so many more for the liberties of the world. That God our Father may comfort and succour you and all who loved him, is the prayer of — Yours in sincerest sympathy,

Wanganui Chronicle, 28 July 1915

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Steve Butler

Posted: 02 May 2009

to David Josland, The New Zealand Mounted Rifles Association is interested in any material relating to Trooper Alfred Dickenson (spelling on roll) or Dickeinson. We have his gravesite as ,unlocated, in the "History of the WMR" - we would like to create a fuller record of this trooper on our website at: regards Steve Butler for the NZMRA.


Posted: 04 Dec 2008

Thank you very much for this, David. After reading your post I looked him up on the Cenotaph database and have now added a link through. If you would like to add any more information to this page, you can either email us at [email protected] and we'll add it to the caption, or enter it as another community contribution directly yourself. Regards Jamie Mackay Web Editor

David Josland

Posted: 04 Dec 2008

Dear Sir / Madam, I am a relative of Alfred Dickenson (the correct spelling is Dickinson) and I have a reasonable amount of information about him which I can provide to you. There is information about the circumstances of his death and burial in a book about Gallipoli and I also have several photographs of him taken before his death. Let me know if you would be interested in receiving the information so that you can decide whether it should feature as a post on the site. Yours faithfully, David Josland