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Known unto God

  • Known unto God

    The Unknown New Zealand Warrior interred at the National War Memorial in Wellington lost his life in France some time between April 1916 and November 1918. One of the countless victims of the 'war to end all wars', he died on the Western Front, a vast arena of misery and suffering in which New Zealanders were slaughtered in unprecedented numbers.

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  • Page 2 – Further information

    This web feature was written by Ian McGibbon and produced by the NZHistory team.BookIan McGibbon (ed.), The Oxford companion to New Zealand military history, Oxford University

First World War memorials

  • First World War memorials

    The New Zealand war memorials of the First World War have become part of the common fabric of our lives, like stop signs or lamp-posts. Virtually every township in the country has one, usually in the main street.

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  • Page 2 - Remembering the dead430 war cemeteries in Northern France, Belgium and the UK and more than 500 public memorials in New Zealand serve as permanent reminders of the terrible toll of the First World

Anzac Day

  • Anzac Day

    First observed in 1916, Anzac Day - 25 April - commemorates those killed in war and honours returned servicemen and women. The ceremonies held at war memorials around the country, and in places overseas where New Zealanders gather, are rich in tradition and ritual.

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  • Page 8 - FatalitiesThis list of 147 fatalities of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force was collated from Commonwealth War Graves Commission records. Most, but not all, died on 25 April