Home of Compassion, Island Bay

Home of Compassion, Island Bay

Mother Mary Joseph Aubert (at centre right) and several Sisters of Compassion with some of their 'foundling' orphan and foster children outside the Home of Compassion, Island Bay, Wellington, 1908. 

These youngsters are receiving the fresh air and sunshine recommended by the Plunket Society. Founded in 1907 by Frederic Truby King, the Society for the Health of Women and Children (later known as the Plunket Society) sought to improve babies' health by helping women to be better mothers. King's government-commissioned booklet, Baby’s first month (1913), issued by the Public Health Department to all new mothers, gave clear directions about ventilation. 'Keep baby out of direct draught, but don’t be frightened of the air being cool. Pure cool air is invigorating… Warm, stuffy air is poisonous and devitalising… Keep baby in the open air and sunlight as much as possible.' 

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Posted: 17 Oct 2019

My mum was born here in 1939 Her mother was unmarried and this was frowned upon, so she was brought up by her grandparents believing they were her parents


Posted: 26 Mar 2017

I was a child in the home if compassion hospital back in late 1940's. I had my eyes operated on. I was only a child and from a poor family. Dr hope Robertson was the eye soecualist