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Mary Aubert

Personal details

Full Name:

Mary Joseph Aubert


19 Jun 1835 – 1 Oct 1926


Mary Aubert
Suzanne Aubert – later Mary Joseph Aubert – was a Catholic nun, nurse, teacher and pioneering social worker, who sometimes had to battle church and government authorities in order to help those in need.

Events In History

14 October 1892

Mother Aubert, known initially in her religious life as Sister Mary Joseph, was appointed to a newly established order at Hiruharama (Jerusalem) on the Whanganui River

9 April 1850

Nine Sisters of Mercy arrived in Auckland on the Oceanie with Bishop Pompallier and a number of priests.


Pai Marire

Pai Marire (goodness and peace) was one of several new Māori faiths to emerge in the 19th century. Like many others, it was closely tied to issues of land and politics. Read the full article

Page 3 - The death of Carl Völkner

The killing of missionary Carl Völkner by Pai Mārire followers in 1865 shocked the colony. The government used the event to justify taking harsh action against the Pai Mārire

Crèches and early childcare

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Page 1 - Crèches and early childcare

'At the Mother Aubert Fete, Newtown Park'; illustration from the Free Lance, 12 November 1910. That year, a series of fundraising events were held in Wellington to mark the 50th anniversary of Mother Mary Joseph Aubert’s arrival in New Zealand.