Malayan Emergency map

Malayan Emergency map

Malaya during the Emergency, 1948-60.

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Lance Anderson

Posted: 14 Mar 2023

I was born there 1961, my Dad was a cook in NZ Army his name is Tom Anderson and my mum is Rona Anderson.

Michelle Aorangi Nee Thompson

Posted: 26 Oct 2017

I was born in the British Military Hospital in Kamunting in December 1960, my father Terry Thompson was serving in Malaya with the Australian Army.

taffy wynne

Posted: 05 Apr 2014

was at bmh kamunting 1960-62 ramc [british army] doing my national service and nursed many new zealand lads who where in sick bay-always remembered 1 lad william [bill] bishop when ever the red cross trolly came around he always got me a few packets of ciggies-always wondered what became of him? who knows he might be on this site---cheers taffy wynne ramc,


Posted: 16 May 2010

Roy Campbell

Posted: 16 May 2010

Fifty years ago I left several feet of small intestines in a bucket in BMH (British Military Hospital to the uninitiated) at Kluang and I thought I'd point out to my grandson where, on the map of Malaya, Kluang was. Your site came up on a search for 'Malaya Map' but the scale of your map does not show it.