Margaret Cruickshank memorial

Margaret Cruickshank memorial

Dr Margaret Cruikshank was the first woman doctor registered in New Zealand and served in Waimate from 1897 to 1918. She died during the 1918 influenza pandemic and a memorial statue was unveiled in 1923.

Situated on the corner of Seddon Square in Waimate, the monument was sculpted by Trethewey and Berry of Christchurch. On it were carved the words 'The Beloved Physician/Faithful unto Death'. The 3-m-high figure was cut out of the largest block of Italian marble ever imported into New Zealand. The sculptors were complimented on the excellent likeness they had achieved.

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Peter Thomas

Posted: 13 Dec 2021

I was born in the old Margaret Cruickshank
Memorial Maternity hospital in Waimate 1941 ,am just doing research for my Autobiography, My late sister Anne trained as a nurse Aid there ,lived around Waimate district till 1953