Marua District roll of honour

Marua District roll of honour

Roll of Honour

The farming district of Marua, near Hikurangi, did not have its own roll of honour until June 2006, when a wooden memorial tablet was unveiled in the Marua community hall. This listed 25 local men who had served in the First World War, including three who had been killed in action, and 16 men who had served in the Second World War (an additional name was added later). The hall itself had first been opened in 1907.

See: ‘Marua Hall an absolute asset’, Whangarei Leader, 4/7/2006.

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Caroline Donovan

Posted: 04 Aug 2021

My great great uncle, Henry Oscar Wolf (not Wolfe) is on the Marua District Roll of Honour. He was born in Marua on 22 April 1887, the youngest of 7 children, and fought in WWI. He returned to Marua where he died on 1 December 1929, at the age of 42, from war-related injuries. I have contacted the Marua Community Hall committee about amending the Roll of Honour to spell his surname correctly.