Petone railway apprentices, 1913

Petone railway apprentices, 1913

Apprentice fitters and turners photographed at the Petone railway workshops in July 1913. Though most were then in their mid-teens, at least 15 of these 21 boys are known to have served overseas during the First World War. Among those pictured here are: Cyril Johnstone Flaws (4/946, Sapper, Field Engineers); Percy Manderson (51873, Rifleman, NZ Rifle Brigade); Francis Slader Martin (59273, Gunner, NZ Field Artillery); George Henry Weston (8/1103, Private, Otago Infantry, died 8 May 1915, Gallipoli); Philip Michael Lennon (74752, Private, Otago Infantry); William Kelsall Hoare (26104, Rifleman, NZ Rifle Brigade); Harold Charles Leslie Goss (79045, Gunner, NZ Field Artillery); Robert Earle Vincent (23/1226, Rifleman, NZ Rifle Brigade); Hughey Riddler (25316, Private, Wellington Infantry); Alexander Hugh Ross (35617, Gunner, NZ Field Artillery); Charles Theodore Frantz Davis (37989, Private, Wellington Infantry); Peter Barker (75551, Lance Corporal, 39th Reinforcements, died from TB ‘due to war service’, Wellington, 1924); Alfred John Greenfield (74743, Lance Corporal, NZ Rifle Brigade); George Clement Wadsworth (53618, Lance Corporal, Wellington Infantry, later transferred to Royal Navy); Oliver Charles Burt (35239, Fitter, NZ Field Artillery).

The other apprentices in this photograph are named as J. Campbell, W. Florence, T. Jenkins, R. Mackie, J. McGill and P. Sullivan, whose war service, if any, has not been confirmed.


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