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Post and Telegraph obituary in Katipo


Rolls of honour listing the names of killed, wounded or missing post and telegraph workers appeared in Katipo, the journal of the Post and Telegraph Officers’ Association, from 1915 onwards. They were often accompanied by obituaries and photographs of the men.

Pictured is an obituary of Captain Peter Clarke which appeared in the September 1916 issue. Clarke had resigned from the Post and Telegraph Department before the war began and so did not appear in the department’s official circular or ‘List of persons employed in the Post & Telegraph Service’. Although his obituary states he was serving with the Canadian forces, he was in fact serving in the Wiltshire Regiment of the British Expeditionary Force at the time of his death. 

See a transcription of all the obituaries that appeared in Katipo from 1916 onwards.


Katipo, 20 September 1916, p. 340.

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