Allied prisoners of war on Crete

Allied prisoners of war on Crete

‘For you the war is over’. Dejected Allied prisoners of war pass German vehicles on their way back over the White Mountains from Sfakia. Most of those captured on Crete were held temporarily in a transit camp near Galatas before being transported to mainland Greece.

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Matt Werner

Posted: 20 Feb 2013

My grandad was a seargent major during the battle for crete, I had a photo of him and his battalion marching past Churchill in a park in London.. very amazing that some of those men including my Grandad Carl Robert Werner lived to tell the tale..can you give me any more information of interest?..
Matt Werner

Margaret Uhrbom

Posted: 13 Jun 2012

My name is Margaret Uhrbom, my dad was Lionel Courtnais Joseph Mcgoverne, he was with the 23rd Battalion, a bren gunner and captured on Crete. He was in Salonika then Stalag 8b among other camps..I was in Crete a few months ago, but the information on the 23rd is a bit scetchy. I want to know if there is a site in Salonika where i can go and see where dad was held...he survived to marry and have a family..thanks for any help you might give me.