Kids coping - the 1918 influenza pandemic

Many children were made orphans by the pandemic. For others it was just an extended holiday from school.


Was it a problem with the children running around?

[Woman speaking] Ah no, the children were very good; we had to keep them—they were not allowed out the gate. They had to play in their own backyards. So, no, the children seemed to realise too how dreadful the time was. And the unfortunate part was when anyone having a baby, the mothers were lost, the babies seemed to survive. But there was a dreadful lot of babies were left without their mothers. And I think that was one of the saddest parts.

[Man speaking] At the school, when we're in the class, and that, some of my friends whose parents had passed away would all of a sudden start their crying, and the teacher would have to console them later.

[Man speaking] I remember that the schools were closed, and we rather enjoyed the holiday, the extended holiday for the tragedies that were happening every day. It didn't touch me; I was far too young to realise.

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