10 November

Te Kooti attacks Matawhero

1868 Te Kooti attacks Matawhero

The Matawhero ‘massacre’ was Te Kooti’s utu (revenge) for his 1866 exile to the Chatham Islands, and subsequent events. Read more...
Telegraph Department cleared of 'hacking' charges

1871 Telegraph Department cleared of 'hacking' charges

Events in 1870-71 led Otago Daily Times editor George Barton to claim in his newspaper that the government had been intercepting telegraphs for political gain. Read more...
Sutherland Falls 'discovered'

1880 Sutherland Falls 'discovered'

The renowned backwoodsman Donald Sutherland 'discovered' the waterfall that bears his name near what is now the Milford Track – New Zealand’s best-known walking track. Read more...