NZ units in South Africa 1899-1902

Page 5 – Embarkation database

The information was sourced from the nominal rolls of the New Zealand Contingents published in the Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives. It contains the names, contingents, companies, registration numbers, ranks, embarkation details, addresses, next of kin and occupations of every New Zealand soldier who joined the New Zealand contingents that sailed to the South African War. Note that New Zealand soldiers who enlisted in British, Australian or South African forces do not appear on this database.
Reg Nosort descending Surname Given Names Contingent County/City
28 blair john First united kingdom more details
29 thorpe james First waitotara more details
30 muir william First manukau more details
31 patterson john macintosh First taranaki more details
32 kells george kells First oroua more details
33 palmer sidney robert First taranaki more details
34 payne george meares First united kingdom more details
35 taylor arthur reginald First christchurch more details
36 bartrop arthur leigh la boste First australia more details
37 morrison wilson cameron First hawera more details
38 valentine henry whipps [sic =phipps ] First taranaki more details
39 nopps edwin hotspur First united kingdom more details
40 harris william First united kingdom more details
41 matson john First waipa more details
42 maunder thomas First waipa more details
43 gane gilbert henry First waipa more details
44 bradford george roland First united kingdom more details
45 hubbard percy richard First ohinemuri more details
46 tetley john william First ohinemuri more details
47 montgomerie john First auckland suburb more details
48 curtin nathaniel First auckland suburb more details
49 kirkbride matthew bruce First auckland suburb more details
50 wallis william fletcher First waikato more details
51 steele samuel First waipa more details
52 pope francis richard First waipa more details
53 jenks james First auckland more details
54 calloway walter First coromandel more details
55 casey theodore First auckland suburb more details
56 shaw frederick thomas First ohinemuri more details
57 mclean charles edward First piako more details
58 dawson roger First united kingdom more details
59 lewin charles montague First christchurch suburb more details
60 hedges alfred ernest First levels more details
61 munro john First kiwitea more details
62 bowcher sydney First patea more details
63 raynes john james First waikato more details
64 walker james First patea more details
65 edwards charles alfred First patea more details
66 woofindin cecil First peninsula more details
67 batchelar arthur frederick First oroua more details


Service records online

Most of the South African War service records for soldiers in this database have now been digitised and are available by searching the Archives New Zealand Archway website.

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