NZ units in South Africa 1899-1902

Page 5 – Embarkation database

The information was sourced from the nominal rolls of the New Zealand Contingents published in the Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives. It contains the names, contingents, companies, registration numbers, ranks, embarkation details, addresses, next of kin and occupations of every New Zealand soldier who joined the New Zealand contingents that sailed to the South African War. Note that New Zealand soldiers who enlisted in British, Australian or South African forces do not appear on this database.
Reg No Surnamesort descending Given Names Contingent County/City
9495 baird peter Tenth bruce more details
2218 bairstow b fifth south wairarapa more details
3208 baker valentine henry sixth manukau more details
7997 baker george Ninth lake more details
9097 baker alfred james Tenth wellington more details
2220 baker f g fifth taranaki more details
8001 baker hector Ninth lake more details
1258 baker a j fourth wellington more details
5159 baker joseph walker Eighth waipawa more details
7739 baker horace Ninth levels more details
2666 baker j w reserves waipawa more details
5459 baker arthur john Eighth auckland suburb more details
7265 baker arthur Ninth waipa more details
820 baker t de foe third hawkes bay more details
9035 baker frederick charles Details cook more details
9002 baker john frederick Details buller more details
8660 baker ernest Tenth waipa more details
3472 baker john william sixth oroua more details
8661 baker frederick Tenth waipa more details
0 bakewell robert hall Ninth auckland more details
3828 ballantyne price sixth selwyn more details
7612 ballantyne thomas anderson Ninth christchurch suburb more details
0 banks h e s fourth hawkes bay more details
7735 banks william alexander Ninth ashley more details
0 banks harry cecil second auckland suburb more details
0 banks sixth not stated more details
1140 banks john fourth southlan d more details
3211 banks george perkham sixth auckland suburb more details
6036 banks john Eighth southland more details
9036 bannin neil Details south wairarapa more details
7608 banton clarance [sic] Ninth christchurch suburb more details
4608 barber james seventh hutt more details
9490 barclay ernest Tenth dunedin more details
823 barclay t h third waipawa more details
6020 barden thomas henry Eighth ashley more details
4504 bare charles seventh dunedin suburb more details
5462 barker thomas alexander Eighth piako more details
5044 barker william john Eighth wellington more details
2575 barker francis lewellyn fifth geraldine more details
9106 barker archibald henry Tenth christchurch suburb more details


Service records online

Most of the South African War service records for soldiers in this database have now been digitised and are available by searching the Archives New Zealand Archway website.

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