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The following list names those from New Zealand, or who later came to live in New Zealand, for whom there is evidence of their involvement in the Spanish Civil War. Those whose names appear in bold face were killed in action in that war.


Birth date and place

Death date and place

Spanish Civil War service

Angermann, Dr Marianne

1904, Germany

1977, NZ

Medical assistant, Republican Army medical services, 1936–39

Belcher, William Redmond Morrison

1 January 1912, Geelong, Australia

14 February 1999, Waiheke Island

Anarchist militia, 1936–1938

Bielschowsky, Dr Franz David

1902, Germany

Dunedin, 1965

Doctor, Republican Army medical services, 1936–39

Bryan, Herbert Richard

1908, Timaru

1961, Dunedin

British Battalion, International Brigades, 1938

Cox, Sir Geoffrey Sandford

7 April 1910, Rangitīkei

2 April 2008, Gloucestershire, England

Journalist, Madrid, October–December 1936

Cross, Phllip E.

17 March 1906, Hamilton

14 February 1965, Whangārei

Nationalist (pro-Franco) army, 1936–37

De Treend, Leonardo Pedro

6 October 1919, San Sebastian, Spain

(living in Hastings, NZ)

POUM and militia, 1937–38

Dodds, Isobel (later McGuire)

15 September 1913, Auckland

(living in Auckland)

Nurse, International Brigades, July 1937–October 1938

Droescher, Werner Otto

5 January 1911, Karlsruhe, Germany

1979, Auckland

Anarchist and other militia, 1936–38

Ford, Robert

1910, US

1993, Auckland

Lincoln Battalion, International Brigades, May 1937–October 1938

Gray, Bernard Maurice

20 May 1912, Masterton

1984, Lower Hutt

British Battalion, International Brigades

Griffiths, Eric Neville

9 September 1912, England

23 February 1942, Nadi, Fiji

Pilot, Spanish Air Force, 1936–37

Hoy, Jim

26 February 1910, Liverpool, UK

18 December 1997, Wellington

British Battalion, International Brigades, 1938 (?)

Jolly, Dr Douglas Waddell

16 December 1904, Cromwell

19 December 1983, Surrey, England

Lieutenant-surgeon, Republican Army Medical Corps, February 1937–October 1938

Kent, John Horatio (Jack)

Eltham, February 1911

31 May 1937, Barcelona, Spain

Volunteer for International Brigades

McDonald, William Murn

1913, Dunedin

1968, Lisbon, Portugal

Abraham Lincoln and Garibaldi Battalions, International Brigades, January 1937–October 1938

MacIntosh, Dr Robert Reynolds

17 October 1897, Timaru

28 August 1989, England

Anaesthetist, Nationalist Army medical services, 1937

Maclaurin, Griffith Campbell

19 September 1909, Auckland

10 November 1936, Madrid

Commune de Paris Battalion, International Brigades, November 1936

Maclure, Alexander Crocker

25 November 1911, Montreal, Canada

October 1937, Fuentes de Ebro

‘Mac-Pap’ and Lincoln Battalions, International Brigades, MarchOctober 1937

Madigan, William, aka ‘Martinez’

24 July 1916, Wellington (?)

1938, Spain

Lincoln Battalion, International Brigades, 1 937–38

Montgomery, Dr Gladys

4 June 1891, Hamilton

23 December 1969, Auckland

Doctor, British medical unit, 1937

Morris, Dorothy A.

c. 1903–04, Christchurch (?)

23 January 1998, Christchurch

Nurse, International Brigades, February 1937–39

Riley, Charles Francis (Dennis)

1893, Stepney, London

21 November 1982, Lower Hutt

British Battalion, International Brigades, 1937–38

Robertson, Frederick Holmes

15 February, Cairo, Egypt

1937, Jarama, Spain

British Battalion, International Brigades, 1937

Russell, Sir Peter

24 October 1913, Christchurch

22 June 2006, Oxford, UK

Covert intelligence agent, British government

Shadbolt, René (Renee) Mary

26 April 1903, Duvauchelle, Akaroa

16 August 1977, Henderson, Auckland

Nursing sister, International Brigades, February 1937–October 1938

Sharples, Rubi Millicent (née


1892, Temuka

4 April 1945, Auckland

Nurse, International Brigades, July 1937–May 1938

Spiller, Herbert Leonard (Tom)

1909, Napier

12 December 1984, Wellington

British Battalion, International Brigades, 1937

Texidor, Greville

1902, London

1962, Australia

Women’s militia, anarchist militia, supporting orphaned children

Wilson, Beryl Una

8 March 1907, NZ

1993, Auckland

Theatre nurse, International Brigades, December 1936–1938

Yates, Steve

c. 1895, NZ

10 November 1936, Madrid

Commune de Paris Battalion, International Brigades, November 1936

This table is an updated version of the original contained in Mark Derby (ed.), Kiwi Compañeros: New Zealand and the Spanish Civil War, Canterbury University Press, Christchurch, 2009.

The researchers and authors welcome any further information on the above names, and on others we may have missed. Please contact: Spanish War, c/-Labour History Project, PO Box 27-425, Wellington, email [email protected], or leave a community contribution below.

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