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Wireless Troop in Mesopotamia
Wireless Troop in Mesopotamia (detail)

The Wireless Troop was a group of wireless radio operators and drivers, most employees of the Post and Telegraph Department, who worked as part of an Australasian unit in Mesopotamia (Iraq).

It was established in New Zealand in March 1916 as an offshoot of the Engineers, and formed part of the Australian and New Zealand (Anzac) Wireless Squadron from July 1916. It served with British units in Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) and in 1918 in Persia (Iran). In August 1918 it was disbanded and its personnel transferred to France and attached to the signallers. Read more here

NameUnit attached toCampaignsFurther information
C Wireless Troop1st Australian and New Zealand (Anzac) Wireless Squadron (Jul 1916 - Aug 1918)Mesopotamia, 1916–18War diaries at Archives New Zealand
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