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This is my husbands great Angeline murphy 02/01/2015
This is my uncle jack Scott Maree Smyth nee scott 11/10/2016
This is not a frontline Peter MacDonald 19/05/2010
this is not a Machine gun Peter MacDonald 28/04/2010
This is not a memorial hall Maureen 19/09/2011
This is NOT the pa at Otuihu Jeff Saunders 05/03/2019
This is ny grandfather. You Wendy Gilmour 05/07/2013
This is Oliver STEELE born 07 Christine Clement 24/03/2016
This is possibly Mrs William David Adams 10/10/2011
This is shocking tell his Dempse Soutar 23/03/2019
This is still not in Anonymous 24/04/2009
This is the signature of Rose Kate Foster, gt grand daughter of Rose and John Hall. 19/09/2017
this is to correct an error I Alyson Howell, 11/02/2018
this is very interesting Montana Borell 06/12/2011
this is wonderful. James' Scott 09/01/2019
This J Swann is believed to Stephen Schollum 20/02/2018
This Kate D'Ath, who signed Anonymous 26/08/2018
This lady is my wonderful Jim Morton 27/05/2019
This lady is my Great Great Diane Jennings 12/02/2012
This lady was my Great Carol Anderson nee Paterson 06/06/2014
This lady was my great great Anne Gabrielsson 27/03/2015
This lady, Mary Elizabeth Pam Horo 16/09/2011
this land marks wonderful,, Sam 23/03/2009
This likely to be Elizabeth Judith Mellsop 25/06/2017
This looks like a photo i Lynn Shaw 20/05/2013
This man is a relative of Ian Pierce 09/10/2012
This man is Alexander Uhlig. Peter Scott 03/01/2011
This man is my grandfather. Rodger Houghton 25/08/2012
this man wiremu tahua Anonymous 13/05/2020
This map shows China Tom 07/06/2017
THis march is led by Amster John McCaffery 24/08/2011
This may be Mary Jane Culling Anonymous 15/09/2018
This memorial has been Jacqui van Roij 14/06/2008
This memorial has now been Gwyn Rees 09/07/2017
This memorial is actually in Ann goulden 11/10/2008
This memorial is, I think, Stuart Park 12/05/2015
This memorial pre-dates the Stuart Park 07/07/2009
This memorial was broken in Bruce Comfort 28/02/2011
This memorial was moved from Pamela McKirdy 29/01/2015
This monument has been Anonymous 20/03/2021
This Mrs Munro is likely my David Adams 10/10/2011
This my great great great Jason Fenton 22/09/2019
This name has been Margaret Tennant 23/09/2018
This name has been mis Anonymous 19/09/2018
This note appears in Brian Gilberthorpe 25/08/2017
This one belongs in the Francis Vallance 04/03/2011
This page has an error in it. Dr. Ross Dunn 14/07/2017
this page has helped me alot saeshah 24/09/2012
This page mentions 'General Glenn Reddiex 02/11/2014
This page needs to include Anonymous 02/03/2009