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I just noticed that the rick kellow 27/04/2012
Well said Carla. You can be Rick Kellow 14/06/2010
I am a homesick Kiwi in Oz Rids 28/02/2012
Te Kure Kotiria Riki Heremaia 23/06/2019
Te Kuri Heremaia Riki Heremaia 23/06/2019
No you are wrong, this is our Riki Heremaia 02/03/2021
well yes im a moanaroa i rikkii te moanaroa hohua rika 28/10/2009
Hi, my family and I are Rima Mitchell 22/09/2017
so many words similar to the rino 01/07/2012
Was my Grand Father. He and Rion Gallagher 18/10/2011
Te Manutoheroa ripeka te here wharekai whitu kitty ruru 23/09/2018
te manutoheroa ripeka te here wharekai whitu TeNgaruru 30/10/2018
Te Manutoheroa ripeka te ngaruru 02/10/2022
whakapapa claims to Te Papakereru (Manutoheroa's Grave) Ripeka Te Ngaruru (Great Grand Daughter) 10/12/2019
whakapapa claims to Te Papakereru (Manutoheroa's Grave) Ripeka Te Ngaruru (Great Grand Daughter) 15/07/2020
Te Tiriti Riria 06/12/2021
thought you might be Rita J Hohener 06/07/2009
if you want to know more Rita J Hohener 02/01/2011
i want to know more about ritam jh 13/08/2011
HORI TE WARU Rititia Royal 14/05/2019
Alastair Fleming, I can help Rizal 06/05/2022
Thomas Adam Christie was my RJ 18/08/2012
If anybody would like to RJ Wren 06/04/2012
I am an ex-pat Brit now Rob 14/07/2014
I was there as a 17 year old. Rob 15/03/2013
Arrived as a "ten pound pom" Rob 08/04/2013
The name Gossage C on this Rob 25/10/2018
The Gardens of Memories is Rob Douglas 12/02/2011
grew up opposite this house rob evans 23/01/2009
Did the Māori team score on Rob H 12/07/2022
Hi the NZAOC badges shown are Rob McKie 25/03/2017
With the extension of the Rob Wesley-Smith 28/04/2019
As a 16 y.o. gay boy in 1960. Robbie 11/03/2014
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The steam. Corvette has Niger Robert A Millard 21/05/2018
My great uncle Walter H Buck Robert Allan 25/01/2014
My Grandfather Pte Victor Robert Beeston 24/10/2008
Posted: 19 Dec 2015 Robert Black 22/12/2015
44 years ago, my family left Robert Brinkhuis 08/09/2009
I think there is a typo lin Robert Bruere 20/04/2021
Just to say I was contacted Robert Clay 08/07/2016
Late in 1957 my mother Mrs. Robert EGETER VAN KUYK 27/06/2018
Hi, My Grandfather, Charles Robert Ferris 15/01/2010
William John "Jack " Finch my Robert Findlay 05/04/2017
George Sellars is a great Robert GM Sellars 27/12/2015
You may be interested to Robert H Vette 16/01/2009
My Goodwin family line farmed Robert Hall 02/06/2018
Wow! That mighty brick Robert Handlin 14/06/2015
There are some errors in Robert Harris 12/06/2012
The name kihiringi is incorrect Robert king 25/02/2022