He Whakaputanga - Declaration of Independence

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This web feature was originally written by Steve Watters and produced by the NZHistory team. In 2017 the content was updated and a database of signatories added by Jared Davidson.

The biographical information for the signatory pages has come from a range of sources, including: whānau information; genealogical research; official records; newspapers; Waitangi Tribunal reports and Briefs of Evidence; and published accounts including biographies and other information on Te Ara – the Encyclopedia of New Zealand and the Treaty of Waitangi signatory database and other information on the New Zealand History website. Download this pdf for a more comprehensive list of sources.



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Kepu Lauaki

Posted: 17 Feb 2022

Hey just seeing if you can add a paragraph about how is the declaration of independence preserved

Lucy S

Posted: 15 Sep 2021

Kia ora Wayne, If you just hit print it will come out in a printer-friendly fashion. Cheers!

Wayne Muntz

Posted: 18 Aug 2021

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Kate floss

Posted: 13 Jul 2021

The date of the Maori to English text of the treaty by Hugh kawharu is 1989.
What is the date of the Maori to English text by manuka henare? ??


Posted: 29 Jan 2021

Is the Maori declaration of independence recognised in current new zealand law and the British monarchy?