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Rowing in New Zealand

Page 6 – Olympic medallists

New Zealand’s Olympic rowing medallists

The Olympic rowing tradition begun by Darcy Hadfield in 1920 has since flourished. By the end of the 2021 Tokyo Games New Zealand rowers had won 29 medals (14 gold, 5 silver and 10 bronze). 

1920 (Antwerp)Darcy Hadfieldbronzesingle sculls
1932 (Los Angeles)Bob Stiles, Rangi Thompsonsilvercoxless pair
1968 (Mexico City)Ross Collinge, Warren Cole, Dick Joyce, Dudley Storey, Simon Dickie (cox)goldcoxed four
1972 (Munich)Trevor Coker, Athol Earl, John Hunter, Tony Hurt, Dick Joyce, Gary Robertson, Wybo Veldman, Lindsay Wilson, Simon Dickie (cox)goldeight
 Ross Collinge, Noel Mills, Dudley Storey, Dick Tonkssilvercoxless four
1976 (Montreal)Trevor Coker, Peter Dignan, Athol Earl, Tony Hurt, Alex McLean, Dave Rodger, Ivan Sutherland, Lindsay Wilson, Simon Dickie (cox)bronzeeight
1984 (Los Angeles)Shane O'Brien, Les O'Connell, Conrad Robertson, Keith Traskgoldcoxless four
 Kevin Lawton, Barrie Mabbott, Don Symon, Ross Tong, Brett Hollister (cox)bronzecoxed four
1988 (Seoul)Eric Verdonkbronzesingle sculls
 Lynley Hannen, Nikki Paynebronzewomen’s pair
 Greg Johnston, George Keys, Chris White, Ian Wright, Andrew Bird (cox)bronzecoxed four
2000 (Sydney)Rob Waddellgoldsingle sculls
2004 (Athens)Caroline Evers-Swindell, Georgina Evers-Swindellgoldwomen’s double sculls
2008 (Beijing)Caroline Evers-Swindell, Georgina Evers-Swindellgoldwomen’s double sculls
 Mahé Drysdalebronzesingle sculls
 George Bridgewater, Nathan Twaddlebronzecoxless pair
2012 (London)Nathan Cohen, Joseph Sullivangolddouble sculls
 Hamish Bond, Eric Murray goldcoxless pair
 Mahé Drysdalegoldsingle sculls
 Juliette Haigh, Rebecca Scownbronzewomen’s pair
 Peter Taylor, Storm Uru
bronzelightweight double sculls
(Rio de Janeiro)
Mahé Drysdalegold single sculls 
 Hamish Bond, Eric Murraygoldcoxless pair
 Genevieve Behrent, Rebecca Scown silver women’s pair
Hamish Bond, Michael Brake, Shaun Kirkham, Matt Macdonald, Tom Mackintosh, Tom Murray, Dan Williamson, Philip Willson, Sam Bosworth (cox)goldmen's eight 
 Emma Twigggoldwomen's single sculls
 Kerri Gowler, Grace Prendergastgoldwomen's coxless pair 
 Brooke Donoghue, Hannah Osborne silverwomen’s double sculls
 Kelsey Bevan, Emma Dyke, Jackie Gowler, Kerry Gowler, Ella Greenslade, Grace Prendergast, Beth Ross, Lucy Spoors, Caleb Shepherd (cox)silverwomen's eight

Film of the 1968 rowing eight’s campaign (NZ On Screen)

Pieces of Eight - A Quest for Gold

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