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Arab Revolt


The Ottoman Empire

Few Kiwis today know much about one of our main First World War enemies, the Ottoman Empire - a sophisticated but often forgotten empire whose soldiers fought against New Zealand troops for four years in the Gallipoli, Sinai and Palestine campaigns. Read the full article

Page 7 - Rise of Arab nationalism

As the Ottoman Empire entered the First World War in 1914 the loyalty of its Arab subjects could no longer be taken for

Page 8 - The Arab Revolt, 1916-18

The rise of its Arab subjects against the Ottoman Empire in the later years of the First World War saw them fight alongside the British forces, though ultimately they were

Page 11 - The Ottoman Army

There were some Arab and even a few non-Muslim officers in the Ottoman Army in 1914, but all the senior military commands were held by

Main image: Emir Feisal
Emir Feisal, the future King of Iraq and Syria pictured at Al Wajh, March 1917.